Friday, April 8, 2016

In Theaters This Weekend--April 8, 2016

Box Office This Weekend:

The two big movies to hit the big screen this weekend are Hardcore Henry and The Boss. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zootopia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Miracles from Heaven, and God's Not Dead 2 were the top five finishers last week. Can Hardcore Henry and The Boss knock one of the top earners out? And who will reign supreme?

Hardcore Henry

Just like Jason Bourne before him, this guy wakes up not remembering a thing. Not knowing where he is, why he's there, where he's from, or even his own name. All he knows is what a beautiful woman who claims to be his wife tells him, that his name is Henry. So put yourself in his shoes for a second. You're starting to gather your faculties-flexing your hands, moving your legs. Just before your wife can get your vocal chords working bullets start to fly and you're the target. Then a sinister crazy looking guy makes his dramatic entrance with his thugs, kidnaps your wife, and leaves you hard-up for some answers. All you know is that you have to save your wife, so you do the obvious you go after her. Let the bloody, brutal rampage begin!

The Boss

This comedy stars Melissa McCarthy playing a filthy rich CEO who gets into some big trouble when she's caught trading insider information and sent to prison. McCarthy's character finds she has no home, no money, and no one to help her out after she is released from federal prison. But luckily she is able to find her old assistant, played by Kristen Bell. From there the ex-con goes on to create a plan to dominate the brownie dynasty, which of course will create some laughs and maybe even stir up a little drama.

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