Monday, April 11, 2016

Suicide Squad Spot

Suicide Squad Has Lightened Up

Last night the newest Suicide Squad trailer dropped and there's been some great buzz! The cast and crew are currently re-shooting some scenes to make the movie a little less dark, especially after Batman V Superman didn't make as much as the studio wanted it to. Now Suicide Squad will have a more fun feel so that it can separate itself from Zach Snyder's dark world. The only thing negative I've heard from fans (which really isn't even that negative) is one question, 'are the trailers giving too much away?' It's the worst when you go to a movie and realize that only the best parts, the parts worth watching were in the trailer and everything else really just doesn't amount to much. Many people, the faithful, are confident that not everything has been given away. For everyone's sake hopefully they're right. Check out DC's next blockbuster.

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